In this unit, you will submit the culmination of your course project—the Nursing Leadership Guide assignment

In this unit, you will submit the culmination of your course project—the Nursing Leadership Guide assignment. This guide should be developed for a group of junior nurse managers, who are taking part in a leadership class. In addition to the four project components that you have already developed in Units 2, 3, 5 and 8, your guide should demonstrate your understanding of the influence of nursing history and theory on current nursing leadership practice.

In the final step of developing the guide, you will bring all of these components together, along with a one-page summary that discusses how moral, legal, and ethical behaviors can influence a nurse’s role in leadership and management. You may organize your leadership guide in any order, but it should follow a logical sequence. You may also be creative and incorporate graphics; just be sure that you have included and addressed all of the required components that you will be graded upon.

Your completed guide should contain these components:

  1. Title page.
  2. Table of contents.
  3. Assessment of a Nursing Leadership Problem (Unit 2).
  4. Annotated Bibliography (Unit 3).
  5. Leadership Theories, Styles, and Application (Unit 5).
  6. Strategic Analysis and Leadership Interventions (Unit 8).
  7. One-page summary.
  8. Reference page.

Writing Requirements

  • Length: Your paper must be at least 10–12 pages long, excluding the title and references pages.
  • Use double spacing with one-inch margins.
  • Use Times New Roman, 12-point font.
  • Format the paper (including references) according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting guidelines.
  • References: At least 15 references. Please include the sources from your annotated bibliography as part of your references. You may use your text and other articles provided in the course but be sure to provide a minimum of two references from other sources. Use APA style throughout.
  • Project Objectives

    To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:

    1. Evaluate theories and practices of leadership and management for application to specific health care situations.
    2. Reflect on personal leadership style and preferences based on contemporary theory.
    3. Incorporate knowledge of nursing history and theory into nursing practice.
    4. Integrate the standards of the professional nurse and nurse leader (ethical, professional, legal) into one’s own nursing practice.
    5. Apply effective clinical knowledge, skills, and judgment of the professional nurse and nurse leader in direct and indirect clinical practice settings to promote patient safety and quality outcomes.
    6. Review the literature in the field of nursing for application to plans of care and coordination of services for direct and indirect patient care situations.
    7. Integrate effective evidence-based leadership, management strategies, and practices into one’s own professional practice.
    8. Incorporate the attributes of professionalism (altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice) into professional nursing practice.
    9. Evaluate the benefits and limitations of how health care is financed and services reimbursed on health service delivery and patient outcomes.
    10. Write clearly and logically, with correct use of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics; and correctly format citations using APA style.
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