Technology in Nursing

Literature Review of Technology in Nursing

A well-prepared literature review documents the current knowledge on a selected practice topic and may indicate whether the findings are ready to be incorporated into practice. The purpose of the literature review, using peer-reviewed published research, is to summarize key findings of research that promotes the use of technology and telecommunications in nursing. In this assignment, you will gain the experience of conducting a literature review of a selected topic on the use of technology and telecommunications in health care.

For this assignment, you will:

  • Select a topic on a specific patient care technology or telecommunication in health care that you have interest in reviewing. Topic examples:
    • Wireless communication solutions.
    • Real-time location systems.
    • Delivery robots.
    • Workflow management systems.
    • Wireless patient monitoring solutions.
    • Electronic medication administration with bar coding.
    • Telehealth.
    • Electronic clinical documentation with clinical decision support.
    • Interactive patient systems.
  • Conduct a search using the various electronic databases
    • Select studies published during the past five years.
  • Select four appropriate peer-reviewed, research-based articles. These studies may be qualitative, quantitative, or outcomes-based. Note: The articles should not be a meta-analysis.
  • Use the organizational format shown on pages 181–182 of your Understanding Nursing Research text and complete a summary of key findings in each study using the table format presented in the text.
  • Other requirements:
    • Use 12-point Times New Roman font style.
    • Must be 4-6 pages
    • Provide a Title Page and Reference Page following APA style.
    • Present a brief overview of the selected technology including your interest and any professional experience.
    • Describe criteria used to select the studies including the name(s) of database(s) used.
    • Present the studies using the following example:
      • Author(s) and year.
        • “Burns, Murrock, and Grove (2012) conducted . . .”
      • Research method.
        • “This study . . .”
      • Purpose of study.
      • Sample size and sampling method.
      • Measurement.
      • Treatment or intervention.
      • Findings.
  • Review the Literature Review of Technology in Nursing Scoring Guide for the grading criteria of this assignment.
  • Use APA style and formatting guidelines to cite all references and in subject headings.
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