ENGL 1540

Research Paper

To complete this assignment, you must select a job or career path that you are interested in researching (e.g., accountant, business analyst, lawyer, HR manager, marketing executive). You must submit a thesis statement outlining the job or career that you plan to research during class on Wednesday, January 31st. Paragraph submissions not received while students are in class will receive a grade of 0/5 without a note from medical professional

After you have selected your job, you are ready to begin the written portion of the assignment. Your APA formatted paper should be about 1500 words (approximately 6 pages). All written assignments are due by midnight on Friday, March 28th, 2018. No late papers will be accepted without a note from a medical professional or counselling services.

Your paper should include:

  • An introduction that outlines the direction of your paper
  • An explanation about why you selected this job or career path (e.g., What interests you about this career? How are you suited to this type of position?);
  • A description of the job you researched including formal qualifications and informal experiences needed to pursue this career, potential for advancement, salary range, etc.
    • Research should include primary data (answer to your interview questions) as well as secondary research from newspapers, magazines, trade journals, etc.,
  • Information about the number of jobs available and geographic location of where jobs are located—you might include examples of job postings or recruitment material in your description;
  • A description of how you plan to prepare to enter your chosen career—think about what will make you stand out from other candidates
  • A conclusion that ties the different parts of your paper together.

You will make a short (5 – 10 minute) presentation to a group of your colleagues about your research. Your presentation should describe your chosen career and what you learned from your research. The goal of your presentation is to support collegial learning.

Deliverable Due Date Format
Outline of Career Choice

(Points 5/5)

Wednesday, January 31st

IN CLASS assignment

Submit to instructor through Blackboard link


Presentation of Learning

(Points 5/25)

Wednesday, March 28th Roundtable Presentations


Written Paper

(Points 20/25)

Friday, March 30th Formal Paper

Submit to instructor through the Turnitin link on Blackboard.


If you have any questions about the assignment, please do not wait until the last minute. Please, see me if you have any questions and/or concerns as soon as they arise.

Rubric for Written Paper

(80 – 100%)

  • Introduction is professional, creative and engages the audience, and transitions into a well developed thesis statement
  • Expresses and organizes ideas and information with a high degree of effectiveness
  • Smooth transitions between paragraphs and sections
  • Content is well researched and contains all required information
  • Demonstrates a thorough knowledge and/or understanding of career
  • Highly detailed and accurate analysis of interview findings
  • Interview questions were clear, creative, logically sequenced and on-topic
  • APA format applied with no errors
  • Almost no errors in conventions (e.g., grammar spelling, punctuation)

(70 – 79%)

  • Introduction is engaging and thesis statement clearly identifies the purpose of your paper
  • Expresses and organizes ideas and information with considerable effectiveness
  • Attempts transitions between paragraphs and sections
  • Uses subject specific vocabulary, and terminology with considerable effectiveness
  • Demonstrates considerable knowledge and/or understanding of career
  • Detailed and mostly accurate analysis of interview findings
  • Interview questions were clear, logically sequenced, and appropriate to the concept
  • APA format applied with few minor errors
  • Few minor errors in conventions (e.g., grammar spelling, punctuation)

(60 – 69%)

  • Introduction is straightforward and the thesis statement identifies the topic of the paper
  • Content is partially researched and contains some of the required information
  • Expresses and organizes ideas and information with some effectiveness (some parts have to be reread to clarify flow of ideas)
  • Demonstrates some knowledge and/or understanding of concept
  • Somewhat detailed analysis of interview findings that may have minor errors
  • Interview questions were mostly clear, some were logically sequenced and usually appropriate
  • Attempts to us APA format with several major errors

(50 – 59%)

  • Brief introduction any no evidence of a thesis statement
  • Content is superficially researched and contains only basic information
  • Expresses and organizes information with limited effectiveness
  • Demonstrates limited knowledge and/or understanding of concept
  • Limited or incomplete analysis of interview findings
  • Interview questions were unclear, randomly sequenced and related to the topic
  • Resources are not cited


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