W(riting Assignment) 1: Dialogue

Main Instructions: Create a short dialogue in which the characters discuss one of the three philosophical issues listed below. You’re not obligated to read the linked articles, but you’re welcome to mention anything in them without special citation. I didn’t choose the articles very carefully, I just wanted to offer something to help get you thinking in each case. We didn’t talk about kneeling during the National Anthem in class, but this is still a reasonable thing to write about if it interests you.

· The essence/definition of games: A long-winded very philosophicl attempt to give a formal definition for game,

· Wedding cake for a gay marriage: An account of some of the issues raised at the Supreme Court hearing.

· The right to kneel during the National Anthem.


1. 600-1000. More words is not better. My example from class was 753 words.

2. Due by Sunday, Feb. 4, at midnight.

3. Submit using the Turnitin link above. Be sure it submits, wait for the receipt page to confirm that it transmitted.

4. For format see my sample. Include a good title correctly capitalized. If you’re unsure about capitalization use a website like this one: http://titlecaseconverter.com

5. Include a Central Question at the top of the assignment to help keep you focused. Ideally, your characters aren’t just rambling. Their conversation should have some structure, and focusing on one central question will facilitate this. The central question can be pretty much anything related to the topics above. It’s usually best to stick with a relatively “small question,” that is, keep FOCUSED.

6. This paper should not include any quotations. I’m interested in your own thoughts and words.

Grading: The assignment will be graded on these three criteria:

1. Do your characters give REASONS for their beliefs? A reason always answers a WHY question.

2. Are you fair to both characters? (You can have more than two, but this is so short that two is probably best.)

3. Is the writing clear and natural? Clarity and simplicity are the main goals for good writing.

Plagiarism, Citations, etc PLEASE READ:

1. Plagiarism is using another person’s words, information or ideas in your own work without appropriate acknowledgement. NEVER use the exact words of another person without quotation marks, and never paraphrase without acknowledgement. Remember, it is the student’s responsibility to understand what counts as plagiarism. If you have any doubts, ask.

2. If instances of plagiarism arise, I will go through the formal procedures requested by the University, including writing a letter to report the incident.

3. For this assignment, I’m not asking you to do any outside reading. You can write this dialogue based merely on class discussion and your own thoughts. If so, then you don’t need any citations of any kind. Moreover, you may also make use of ideas in any of the linked articles above without citation.

4. However, it can be appropriate to read other sources to help clarify your own thoughts. If you read a source and you find an idea that you want to mention, then the source deserves to be cited. I’m not concerned about the style of citations, but there must be enough information for me to find the original. For this project it would be fine to include citations within the text like so: As argued by John Smith at www.abortioniswrong.com… Or alternatively, you may include an end note that includes the relevant information.

5. One of the best bits of advice I can offer: CLOSE YOUR BROWSER AND ALL SOURCES WHEN YOU WRITE. Not only does this eliminate most plagiarism issues, it improves the writing. Good writing comes from your own thoughts; trying to extract ideas from a text as you write results in awkward sentences and poorly structured paragraphs.

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