FOR110 Research Project


You will need to prepare a three to five-page paper (double-spaced, 12-point font, in WORD) using APA format (abstract, in-text citations AND a reference page), plus a cover page. The cover page, abstract and reference page are not to be regarded as part of the page requirement. (See the “APA Sample” under Course Resources.)

Use a minimum of FOUR (4) online library, internet or other reliable resources other than the job and resume websites (referenced in topics #2 and #3 (below)). Write in grammatically correct, clear sentences. You will have the opportunity to submit a draft of your paper for feedback.

Your paper should address the following topics:

Looking at the major you have selected at ECPI, discuss 3-7 different job titles that might fall under your major (if such titles exist).
Locate three websites that would help you look for jobs in your major and provide a brief description of each site.
List and describe two websites that offer help in resume preparation.
Locate a job posting in your field that might interest you after graduation, one where the employer is identified rather than an anonymous posting or staffing agency opening. Discuss what aspects of the position interest you. Is this an entry-level position or one you would pursue after gaining some experience? Why do you think so?
Research the company’s history and working conditions. Why is this somewhere you would like to work? Discuss any aspects that might be less than ideal.
Discuss possible salary range upon successful completion of the program.
Discuss the different technical skills required for your career and/or the discussed on the job sites you have searched.
Discuss the importance of soft skills and why they are required for jobs in your field.
What Certifications, if any, are required in your field?
Are they offered at ECPI, and what Certifications will you plan to earn?
What are the challenges you will face in completing your degree at ECPI?
Who will support you in facing those challenges as you continue in your studies?
What are your expectations upon graduation? How will your family benefit?
How will your education at ECPI help you reach those goals?
What have you learned in this class that will help you succeed in reaching your goals?

Again, to prevent plagiarism, it will be necessary to cite your sources within the document (in-text) AND on a Reference Page at the end of your project. You have already completed an APA tutorial showing you how to do this, but if you have any questions, please ask. Also, remember to consult the “APA Style Guide: APA Formatting,” which you can access on the ECPI Virtual Library homepage.

* NOTE the following possible special deductions:

25-point deduction per page when page minimum is not met;

25-point deduction – If you do not cite your sources in-text (failure to do so is “plagiarism” and should result in a zero);

25-point deduction – If you do not cite your sources on a Reference Page (failure to do so is “plagiarism” and should result in a zero);

15-point deduction per minimum number of sources not used;

10-point deduction per calendar day – Paper posted late;

6-point deduction per question not addressed; and

5-point deduction for failure to include an abstract.

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