Use the following interactive map and data website developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to conduct the following:

I. Click “View Tables By Geographic Area or Report Data” link. Once page refreshes, select “State report with county data” and then select your state. (Alabama)

II. Fill in the appropriate data that you would like to include in your synopsis (e.g., diagnosis categories, health indicator, year, race/ethnicity, etc.). Click show results.

III. Once the data summary table appears, review this information, and then select “County Statistics” and answer the following:

a. How does your county (Dallas County) compare to the neighboring counties in regard to the disease selected? How does it compare to other states or data for the United States? You will have to refresh the data to select other states or United States data. (Please be sure to include the disease and any conditions you included in step 2 above.

b. How has probability played a role in the development of this data? Please discuss.

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