Strict deadline. Each question must be answered with 150 words or more. Sources and in text citations must be in APA format.

Part A

1. Review the purpose of the AAMA. Using the AAMAs Creed and AAMAs Code of Ethics, create a different Creed as if you were a medical assistant. Creed should at least 8 principles.

2. Compare and contrast the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to other common practices in a medical office.

3. How does the law of agency make it so that a patient to sue both the medical assistant and the physician for an act of negligence committed by the medical assistant?

4. Discuss how the computer is valuable for many administrative functions and how it may also be a risk in terms of patient privacy and HIPAA compliance. Describe some special computer safeguards that protect the patient’s privacy.

Part B

1. Compare and contrast the difference between the RHIT and RHIA credential and discuss the possible career opportunities for each.

2. Discuss the purpose for the master patient index (MPI) and explain the risks of duplicate medical record numbers if found in the MPI.

3. Discuss how the attending physician determines the care of a patient.

4. When managing health care records, it is essential to understand the process of completing the record. Discuss the process and requirements for record completion. Also explain the risks of incomplete records, in comparison to the record process.

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