Compare and contrast Paper

A compare/contrast paper that looks at how our environment and our genes compete to create who we are.There are many speculations as to how nature and nurture affect the overall development of the child.  This assignment will require for you to research material specific to nature and nurture and respond to what the material states, your beliefs, and not only to identifying their meaning, but to include a minimum of 4 examples for each.


Developmental science’s biggest and most enduring debate concerns the nature—nurture issue—the controversy over the relative contribution of genes and experience to the development of psychological traits and behavior.  Developmental psychologists explore the issue by asking, for example, how differences in intelligence, personality, and psychological disorders are influenced by heredity and by environment.  As a simple way to think about current views regarding this issue, remember this brief statement: Nurture works on what nature endows.  Our species is biologically endowed with an enormous capacity to learn and to adapt.  Moreover, every psychological event is simultaneously a biological event.

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