How do childhood experiences influence personality?

Pop Psychology In-Class Discussion

You have now chosen and updated the research question from Part 1 that you will focus on for the rest of the quarter. For Part 2, it’s time to find a popular news article that addresses this research question

my research question will be 

How do childhood experiences influence personality?

Important note: You will submit your assignment online on Wednesday, February 14

To prepare for our in-class discussion on Thursday, February 15, please read the news article you found for Part 3 of this “I’ve Always Wondered” assignment.

For Part 2, you will need to find a news article reporting on original psychology research. Your news article will be an online article from a popular news source, magazine, or website. The article should make a claim about the mind or behavior based on at least one original published research study, should be at least 4 paragraphs long (not just a blurb), and should be recent (from the last 5-10 years). When performing your search, try adding the words “research” and/or “study” to whatever topic you are searching for.

I’m looking for an article like these:

Do you see how each of these articles makes a specific claim and then focuses on describing an original published research study to support this claim? The goal is to find a news article of your own that focuses on at least one research study in detail and communicates this research in an accessible manner to the general public. Often times, the article will introduce this research study via something along the lines of: “In a recent study published in XXX journal…”

This is NOT what I’m looking for:

The relationships article contains no discussion of original research. The depression article has some good information, some of which was originally determined by research studies, but it is just a general review of depression (different types, causes, treatment), and there is no particular research study that is specifically addressed.

Feel free to send me a link of the article in advance if you are unsure whether it’s appropriate for this assignment. If you’d like feedback, you must send me the article at least 48 hours before the assignment is due.

You can let this assignment guide the development and focus of your research question. Let’s say you started out with the question: “How does the brain produce a lucid dream?” but then you come across an article about the relationship between dreaming and memory (ex. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) so you decide that you want to pursue this new but related avenue instead. That’s fine! Scientists are doing this all the time: starting out with one idea and then letting their own research and the research of others further guide and refine their original idea.

Having trouble finding something? Consider: The New York Times, ScienceDaily, Psychology Today, or any of these Psychology News Resources: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

As you read the article you’ve found, think about how credible this source is. What is the claim being made and how well does the evidence in the article back up this claim? Once you have read your article, complete the Part 2: Pop Psychology In-Class Discussion assignment.

Then turn in the following assignment ONLINE ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, which should be ~1.5 double-spaced Microsoft Word pages in length and should be submitted as a word doc (.doc) or a pdf (.pdf).  You will get points off if it’s not submitted in this format. Please submit the following:

FIRST: The title of your paper should be your UPDATED research question based on the feedback you received from me and your peers. 

THEN: IN ESSAY FORMAT, address the following FOUR prompts in order, separated into paragraphs:

1) Begin your paper by introducing the title and source of the article, and end this sentence with an in-text citation. Then answer: Do you think this article is credible? What features of the article make it more or less credible? Consider:

  • What type of source is it?
  • Who is the author and where is it published?
  • What audience is it intended for?
  • Is it well-written and detailed?
  • Does it define terms?
  • Does it ask questions?
  • Does it tolerate uncertainty or does it speak in definite terms like “prove”?
  • Does it consider other interpretations or does it oversimplify?

2) What is the major claim being made by the article?

3) What evidence is provided to support this claim?

  • Original research explained clearly and in detail? Experts in the field?
  • Does the article appeal more to logic or emotion?

4) Do you think this evidence is sufficient to support the claim? Why or why not? What information is this article missing that would make it stronger if included?

LAST: At the END of your paper, include the full APA reference for your online source. To do so, see the resources I’ve posted in this “I’ve Always Wondered” folder. Make sure the reference includes the full url so that I can easily access the original article.

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