creating an avenue for nurses to express their feelings

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1-At little or no cost, anyone can set up a blog. A quick web search shows there are many people blogging about their personal experience of mental health problems – sharing information and experiences, and offering tips to others (Drake, & Leander, 2013, p. 270). One example is The Depressed Moose, a blog about an individual’s battle with depression, his thoughts and feelings and his ideas about improving his state of mind. His posts aim to inspire others, especially those battling depression. He emphasizes the importance of being honest and open (Drake, & Leander, 2013, p. 270).

            2-   I agree with the fact that we enter our nursing careers with the mindset of making a difference. With the help of networking we are able to achieve so much more because we could include other aspects of the health care. Having others that are readily available when their help is needed would make this impact possible. Collaborating with others can be very beneficial being that it may also open doors and gather input from others to make an even bigger impact in our profession.

3-Having gone through the benfits of joining the nursing organization which ranges from constant education to upgrade our knowledge, organizing webners, seminars that are important for our development, opportunity to interact with colleagues that share the same mission and vision which is to improve health for all, promoting awareness on matters as it relates to nursing, creating an avenue for nurses to express their feelings, having access to medical journals to stay current in the practice etc. I see no reason why i would not join the ANA organisation or its affiliate just like you as i have never been a member before so as to enjoy the benefit of being an active member


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