Psychology Essay Assignment

You and a Zande friend are walking along and suddenly a tree branch falls, injuring you both. You consider going to a doctor and then suing for damages, while your friend considers going to a bone-setter and then consulting an oracle to find out who is the witch responsible for the misfortune. Compare and contrast your respective responses to this misfortune. Which one of the relational models (i.e. Communal sharing; Authority Ranking; Equality Matching; and Market Pricing) better represents your response to the misfortune? Which one that of your Azande friend? Draw explicitly and clearly on readings and lectures to conceptualize your answer.

(It could be more than one relational model for each case)

Provide clear grounds for identifying the relationships or social interactions as implementations of the specific relational model(s) that you believe to be involved. That is, rather than just saying, X is, for example, authority ranking, you must show that it is, imagining that you have to persuade a moderately skeptical reader. Your essay should demonstrate how relational models theory helps in illuminating yours and an Azande life and beliefs. 

Audience: Write this paper as if you were explaining it to a peer in this class. They are relatively aware of the theoretical ideas, but you should explain the concepts briefly, and persuasively demonstrate how they illuminate the phenomenon.

Purpose: Our aim in giving you this assignment is for you to learn how to carefully and rigorously apply a theory to understand some aspect of human life.

Citation: Please cite all your sources.
E.g. (Evans-Pritchard 1976, pg.); (Fiske, Lecture, date)

Give your essay an appropriate, meaningful title, and put your name, TA’s name, and section letter in the heading. Your essay should be at round two pages, but you may write up to a maximum of 3 pages. It should be double-spaced, paginated, pages stapled together, with your name on each page. Use Times New Roman, 12pt. font, 1-inch margins all around. Make sure you have proofread the paper at least twice.

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