a writing assignment in Pathophysiology class, please no plagiarism. Read the instructions below . This is due February 26, 2018 before 11:59 pm central time.


Visit the website http://www.orlive.com (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and choose a procedure to watch.
In a written assignment of 2-3 pages in length (not including cover letter and reference page), please explain the patient’s condition, the procedure, and any other pertinent information.
What did you find most interesting about what you saw?
You should use other scholarly resources to assist in researching information regarding the procedure as well as the condition you have chosen to discuss. You must utilize APA formatting, providing in-text citations and references providing credit to any and all sources from where you received information.
Spelling, grammar, appropriate English, as well as APA formatting conventions should be adhered to in this assignment.

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