In this assignment, you will evaluate the research methodologies used in a particular study to apply the knowledge you have gained in the course. This will be your opportunity to explore a research study in depth and gain a stronger understanding of both conducting the research and also reporting the outcome of that research.


Read the following article from the Argosy University online library resources:

Multicultural development in human services agencies: Challenges and solutions

Then, in a 5- to 6-page paper:

Evaluate the research methodologies used. In your evaluation, make sure that you:
Examine the theoretical framework used in the study and assess its appropriateness for the selected research question.
Evaluate the way in which the literature review portion of the article informed and supported the research.
Analyze the instruments used in data collection and discuss how they were an appropriate selection to achieve the desired outcomes.
Evaluate the results and conclusions drawn and discuss the extent to which they supported the research question.
Evaluate the ethical considerations that the researchers kept in mind regarding multicultural diversity in data collection, analysis, and interpretation.

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