Seminar Discussion 1

Forum Assignment for the Week: 300 Words minimum For this week’s Forum, respond to the following:  

Describe three of the most interesting experiences you have had while completing your studies in the BA in Psychology program here at APUS and explain what you learned from each.

· Keep these program related, rather than the experience of being a college student in general, and the focus on what you learned rather than what you might not have liked about a particular course or professor.

· Your experiences shared don’t all have to be positive, but if negatives are shared what you learned from the experiences needs to accompany them in the post.

General Instructions Applicable to All Forums:

enlightened Forum post source citation is not required for forum posting in our class.  This is because we are engaging in conversation that happens to be in writing form, not composing essays or research papers. You will, however, need to paraphrase (restate in your own words) any words of published authors in parts of your posts that are based on their work.  Copying of published material, which is plagiarism, is prohibited and any instances of it, including forum posts, will result in a zero score without an option for re-submission to recoup lost points and a report sent to the Registrar’s Office per University policy.


Discussion forum posts will be graded on verbal expression, critical thinking, making an effort to not just participate in but contribute to the dialog with initial and reply posts of a substantive nature commensurate with graduate level studies. Posts must have correct grammatical construction, spelling, and punctuation with no texting or other casual style language.


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