Assignment 2: Public Health Surveillance and Monitoring Systems

Every state in the United States has public health surveillance and monitoring systems that serve multiple purposes. These systems are necessary for early detection of any imminent public health emergencies.

Using the Web sites of state health departments, identify one such system in the United States and create a PowerPoint presentation which addresses the following:

A brief historical description of the system
The primary functions of the system
The various kinds of processes and procedures the system follows
The kind of data that the system records and how it is used in early detection of public health emergencies

Use the slide speaker’s notes to elaborate on your points of argument. You may also use the audio function in your presentation. Be sure to include the introduction and reference slides in your presentation.

Support your findings with examples and scholarly references.

Develop a 6–8-slide presentation in PowerPoint format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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