Clinical Application Plan


Clinical Application Plan

In this assignment, you will use motivational interviewing to assess client needs, devise a strategy/plan, and write a rationale to describe the benefit of the plan based on individual and interpersonal health behavior concepts and evidence-based practice recommendations.

Section 1: Motivational Interview. You will document an interview you conduct with your client using tools distributed and discussed in class. Approx. 2 – 3 pages (25%)

You will conduct an interview with your client. This interview should be in the spirit of motivational interviewing (collaboration, acceptance, evocation, compassion). You are not expected to be an expert, but are expected to do your best to incorporate the concepts and processes covered in class. In this interview, the goals are to:

1. Elicit the identification of a behavior that the client.

2. Assess their perceived importance of the change (value).

3. Assess their perceived confidence in making the change (self-efficacy).

5. Assess the obstacles to their change.

4. Assess their perceived readiness to make the change.

In this section one of this assignment provide a written report of the interview. First, describe the general content of the interview and the ways in which your conversation with your client was in the spirit of motivational interviewing (MI) and examples of MI strategies you employed. Then, address all five items above. For each item, provide your conclusions and support those conclusions with evidence from the interview.

Section 2: You will use the outcome of your interview to describe self-regulation strategies for your client with an understanding of where they are on the continuum of motivation and your strategies for your interaction with your client as his/her health coach. Approx. 2 – 3 pages (25%)

You will provide options that may be used by your client (behavioral menu) and by you (client-clinician interaction) to increase success, based on your interview with them.

First, you will list recommended strategies for your client to help them succeed in the health behavior change. Make these recommendations specific. Keep in mind that these are a list that you could potentially present to your client as a behavioral menu, so you should provide a description of each strategy.

Second, you will list considerations that you believe you would need to keep in mind and strategies that you might employ with this client in your interaction with them.

Section 3: You will provide a rationale for the change plan using information from the motivational interview and theory/concepts from the course (50%) Approx. 4 – 5 pages (50%)

You will address the items you listed in section two within the context of the theories and concepts we have explored in this class. This is the portion of the assignment where you describe WHY you have chosen those items based on the motivational interview and based on health behavior change concepts and theories. WHY are these strategies appropriate for this client?

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