You are writing a 6-8 page reflection of your life addressing the major stages of development (infancy, the first two years, early childhood, middle childhood, adulthood, and late adulthood). If you have not reached late adulthood, then include a synopsis of how you will you approach this stage.
This is also a research paper, so you will incorporate the theories and concepts learned from the textbook and research from 5 scholarly peer-reviewed sources. The textbook can count as 1 source. Also, address your faith development throughout your life and please include scripture to support the biblical perspective. Please include an introduction, thesis (the purpose of your paper stated in the introduction), and conclusion.
Observation/Reflective Journal
You will write a 3-5 page reflection journal based on your experience, impressions, and emotional reactions from selecting one of 2 options. Please pay close attention to the questions that are being asked in the instructions as this will be what you include in your journal depending on the option you selected. You will include evidence from the textbook and 2 scholarly sources. This paper is more of an academic style rather than conversational style, so use 3rd Person.
Part 1:
Choose Option 1 or 2
Option 1-Observe either infants, toddlers, school-aged children, or adolescents. You will address biological, cognitive, and psychological development using the theories and information outlined in your text.
Option 2-Interview someone in late adulthood about their life discussing-family, faith, career, and any memories. Please do not include the actual interview into your paper but a synopsis of the interview addressing the questions listed in the instructions. The interview should be in 3rd person and please include the personal communication in-text citation to reference the interview.

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