1. Analyze a health or nursing profession public policy issue that impacts a group
of people and requires a policy change.

a) Discuss why you selected this public policy issue. – This section serves as a brief introduction to the paper. Describe the problem that you are trying to solve. Then clearly stat your policy idea in a single sentence (policy change making Naloxone (Narcan) readily available to public to help to prevent opioid overdoses.) State why it is a problem for the community, state, or nation.


b) Discuss the relevance of the public policy issue to the health or the nursing profession, using two pieces of academically appropriate literature from the last five years. – In a few paragraphs (2-4), write about why this issue should be addressed as a public policy.

c) Describe the financial impact of the public policy on an organization or on a community. You may discuss what types of things would cost money (and time and effort) and then discuss the positive impact the policy would have on health.

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