· Identify problem-using PICOT format to formulate research question

nstructions for Integrated Research Review

This project is one report divided into 2 steps: identification of problem and article search then writing the IRR report

Problem Identification & Article search: ( 5 articles needed)

· Identify problem-using PICOT format to formulate research question

· Establish pre-defined eligibility criteria for your article searches.

· Systematic search that attempts to identify all studies that would meet eligibility criteria

· Appraise the studies to select only those that are relevant and not biased

· Extract information, analyze it, and synthesize the findings of the studies as a body of evidence

· Key information from each article will be organized in a findings table

· Produce a report

IRR Report

· Open with stating the issue and why it is important, include your PICOT question in format

· Describe the process used to search for the articles in detail include databases searched, key terms used and inclusion/exclusion criteria used. Also include the process used to extract information from the reports and the methods used to evaluate the quality of the studies

Each study should be included within the body of your paper (author, type of study, brief critique, and summary of findings related to PICOT)

· Include in your report your findings table that profiles the studies and findings to provide a quick overview of the methods and results of the studies.

· In the body of the paper discuss findings that are consistent, conflicting, and equivocal as well as gaps in the research base and bottom line conclusions are stated.

· Finally state how the conclusions relate to any prior work that has been done on the topic, summarize the limitations of the body of research and offer opinions regarding the clinical implications of your conclusions.

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