All assignments must be APA format 6th edition. The purpose of the assignment is to illustrate how I can apply the essential components of reporting knowledge about improving the value, quality, and safety in healthcare. The format is based on the revised standards for quality improvement reporting excellence SQUIRE, and Lau, 2015.

Introduction: Why is this an identified problem at your healthcare facility? Define the problem. Describe what needs to be accomplished. Explain your interest in the gap. Describe what the reader should learn from your reading assignment.

Current knowledge. Summarize current knowledge about the problem including relevant within the last 5 years studies or sources at least 5.

Rationale: Explain the problem by using informal or formal frameworks, models or concepts, and/or theories. Identify reasons or assumptions used to develop the interventions

Aim: State the purpose/goal of the project with identified key stakeholders. The overall purpose/goal must be supported with well-formulated, measurable outcomes statements clearly differentiating between process and outcome

Change: Use the PDSA cycle to facilitate change in your identified setting and decision making, process analysis, idea creation. See Josh et al, chapter 4 & Lau 2015

Gap analysis: create an analysis by using at least one of the following quality tools. You may choose from 5 Whys tool, flowchart, fishbone diagram, or failure modes and effects analysis and others. Articulate the purpose for the selected quality tools and discuss your rationale for the choice and how you anticipate the application of the tools sequentially

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