values in nursing

In order to answer this week�s discussion board, consider all required readings, but place particular emphasis on the information contained in the article: What do I do now? Ethical dilemmas in nursing and health care. (2013). ISNA Bulletin, 39(2), 5-12. In addition, carefully consider the 9 provisions of the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses: (read article part I and II to view all 9 provisions)

You are a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit and have been assigned to care for a 26-year-old male patient who was brought in via helicopter transport the night before, following his involvement in a single motor vehicle accident. The young man supposedly lost control of his vehicle while traveling at a high speed and was not wearing his seat belt because he was thrown through the front windshield of the car, sustaining a traumatic, closed-head injury. The man was coded during the entire transport to the hospital and was unconscious upon arrival. He is currently receiving ventilator support to sustain his life. The medical staff has advised the family they are doing everything in their power to keep the patient alive. In addition, it appears he is bleeding internally; the lab just phoned to say his recent H & H values are critically low. The medical team has just met and the physician has ordered a stat blood transfusion, so the patient�s fianc� and his mother have been called to the patient�s room to discuss this. When the family arrives in the patient�s room, you, as the nurse, begin to explain the need for the blood transfusion. Suddenly the patient�s mother becomes very upset and reports that due to the family�s religious beliefs (the family is Jehovah�s Witness), her son cannot receive a blood transfusion. The patient�s fianc� begins to argue with his mother, reporting that her son is no longer practicing these religious beliefs and she wants him to have the blood transfusion to try to save his life. The fianc� begins to cry, saying that she and the patient were supposed to be married in two months, and she is requesting that all available treatment be provided. The fianc� turns to the patient�s mother and exclaims, �Your son no longer follows or believes in your religious practices; he must receive this blood transfusion!� As the nurse caring for this young man, what would you do?

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