Write a case study of the patient who required nursing interventions for his disorder ( major depression)

Mr Johnson is a 35 year-old who moved back to his parent�s house due to his current condition. Mr Johnson�s pregnant wife was killed by a hit and run driver 6 month ago. His wife was walking across the road to meet him after work to go and shop for their unborn baby. Mr Johnson still remembers the dreadful day as the hit and run driver ran the red light and knocked down his wife. Since the incident, Mr Johnson has been overwhelmed with nightmares about the accident every night. He has quit his job and withdrawn from his friends and family the exception of his parents. He lost appetite and interest in leisure activities. He also complains of sleeplessness.

Students are expected to:
Choose a single case of a patient who required nursing interventions for his disorder.
Provide a discussion of how the disorder affected the patient physically, socially and psychologically.
How the patient was assessed i.e. what models if any were used and whether or not better models could be found for example.
How care was planned � what was needed, what resources were available for example, what was the evidence behind the planned nursing intervention?
How care was implemented – how was compassion, respect and dignity retained, would you have done it differently the next time?
Students should discuss the evidence base that supports the nursing intervention(s) used.
Evaluation � did the intervention work? How do you know?
Reference should be made in the case study of how public health policy affects patients (depression)
The role of the multidisciplinary team specific to depression should be discussed.
Current issues in global health and their relevance to depression should be discussed.

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