Essay: Patient Care Delivery Dilemma – 35%
As a nurse, regardless of your level of experience or specific role, you’ve encountered patient care
delivery dilemmas. A dilemma is a predicament or quandary where various factors and strategies need
to be considered to resolve or improve the situation. The patient care delivery dilemma can be major or
minor. It can involve an individual patient concern or be more systemic involving the way in which care
is delivered relative to a problem. Some examples are below;
Example 1: A patient with a terminal illness has to decide whether or not to take a new medication
that can possibly extend his life for several months. The treatment has a chance of causing serious
side effects. His granddaughter is getting married in three months.
Example 2: You unit is understaffed. You have your usual number of 4 nurses this evening, but
two nurses are from the float pool staff. These nurses have limited knowledge about the patient
population and are less familiar with unit routines. As charge nurse how to you make assignments
in order to provide the best care for patients?
Choose a patient care delivery dilemma that you have experienced professionally or as a student. Outline
the dilemma including a brief description of the problem. Identify the ethical principles that were relevant
in addressing this dilemma. Clearly articulate the rationale for why one principle may take precedence.
Propose ways to address the dilemma using two differenct theories/models. Identify at least three
concepts from each model and how they are relevant to the dilemma. Describe how each model provided
suggestions for resolution or change.
1. Overview of patient care delivery dilemma. Provide a description including precipitating factors
and barriers to resolution.
2. What ethical principles are relevant to this problem? Does one principle take precedence over
any others? Analyze the dilemma and propose solutions using three concepts from each of two
different theoretical models.
3. At least one of the models should be one presented in block 3 or 4 of this course. The other may
be one from this course or model of your own choosing.
4. Write a 5 page essay in APA format. The 5 pages are your written ideas and do not include the
cover page or references. An abstract is not required for this assignment.
Grading Rubric Percentage
Clear concise description of problem 10%
Identify appropriate ethical principles. Clearly articulate the rational for why one
principle may take precedence. 20%
Identify at least three concepts from each model and how they are relevant to the
dilemma 20%
Describe how each model provided suggestions for resolution or change 40%
Follows page limit 5%
Uses APA format 5%

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