Exploring Person Centered Care from a Nursing Perspective

Introduction to set the scene and to introduce your chosen client or carer or significant other. Give a very brief introduction as to the care intervention that was implemented. You must be mindful of protecting your patients’ identity and anonymity must prevail
• The main body of the assignment will include how you and the team you worked within considered the legal, professional or ethical issues that influenced the delivery of care.
• Person centred care must be included within your work and you must demonstrate an understanding of what this is.
• Legal issues for example may include areas such as Human Rights Act…or Mental Capacity Act …or Deprivation of Liberty.
• Professional issues that affect delivery of care for a nurse may include Nursing and Midwifery Code of Conduct. Or policies and procedures. Or professional conduct. or professional guidelines from professional bodies (RCN)
• Ethical issues may include consent, or data protection or confidentiality. Anti-discriminatory practice.
• Communication strategies will need to be discussed when defining the episode of care and the significance of developing a therapeutic relationship will need to be discussed.
• The conclusion will discuss the outcome of the care that was implemented.
• Please be mindful that at this level four study the more analytical the student is then the higher the grade.
• All academic work should be substantiated by reliable and valid references.
• Please refer to the recommended reading list for suitable references.

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