Introduction to what a nursing philosophy is and why it is important.

Learning Plan 3
LP3 Assignment: Nursing Philosophy Statement Draft

Directions: Read Articulating Your Philosophy of Nursing by Janice Denehy, RN, PhD, Executive Editor. Use this article as a guideline as you develop your own Philosophy of Nursing!
This is a scholarly work. Do not write in first or second person. Refer to your APA 6th Edition Manual for correct formatting. Requirements: Title Page; Introduction to what a nursing philosophy is, why is it important; Development of Personal Nursing Philosophy: Influencing factors; Conclusion – Personal Nursing Philosophy; Reference Page (minimum of 2 references).
Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox “LP3 Assignment: Nursing Philosophy Statement Draft.” This assignment is worth 100 points and will be graded according to the following scoring guide.
Scoring Guide (100 Points)
Rating Scale
20-19 Work meets or exceeds criterion at a high level of competence.
18 Work reflects an understanding of criterion with minor misunderstandings/misconceptions.
17-16 Criterion partially met, but one or more important concepts/skills are missing or flawed.
15-14 Work reflects an attempt to meet criterion, but significant misunderstandings/misconceptions are apparent.
13-0 Criterion not met or work is absent.

1. Introduction to what a nursing philosophy is and why it is important.
2. Discuss what influences a nurse when developing a Personal Nursing Philosophy
3. Specify your own Nursing Philosophy (do not write in 1st person!). Use language such as: One nurse’s formal education and experience generated a nursing philosophy that defines the nurse as…Be sure to include your definition of a nurse and the nurse’s role.
4. APA format.
5. Paper is submitted on time.

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