Nursing Issues and Social Media

Identify the articles you read and then share three (3) key points you learned from the articles you read on social media and public policy related to nursing issues.

Letter to the Editor:
Select a public policy issue that affects the profession of nursing or patient care and that has received attention in the media within the past 6 months. You should feel passionate about the issue.

Write a Letter to the editor of your local or state paper or to a professional journal or online peer-reviewed publication, identifying the issue and suggesting a solution or action you want taken. You must sign the letter and include your home address and phone number, although that is never published.

Each publication has its own rules. Most papers restrict the number of words to 150 but some allow as many as 250.


Identify a non-profit organization you would like to know more about in your community 2. Research their website and any other information available on line to become familiar with who they are and what they do. Some might be associated with a national organization. Some questions to guide this work are:
What is their mission?

What is their vision?

What are their main programs?

Are there specific health care issues that they advocate for or against?

What are some of the laws that affect the population being served?

Is there any upcoming legislation with which they are particularly concerning themselves?

How does the organization incorporate the voices of the representative group/ population referred to in (b) in its decision making?

How are they funded?

How are the funds distributed?

Submit a 2-3 page double –spaced paper describing the organization and incorporating answers to the above questions. You must cite at least one scholarly article that addresses the health care issue(s) the organization addresses. You must also describe whether or not the organization needs legislative action to assist their population and how you might advocate on their behalf.

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