Concept / Theory Development Final Paper

Preamble: This is the second part of the paper you started earlier in the semester, and for which you received feedback from your colleagues and faculty. The major focus of this part of the paper is on describing your results. You will want to be as comprehensive as possible. Your results should address the conceptual issue you indicate in the first part. So, a reader could anticipate seeing a conclusion being offered. For example, if the purpose was to clarify the meaning of ‘body image’, then one would anticipate a better definition as a part of the results.

Directions: the concept “attitude” but my topic is parental attitude towards vaccinate their kids before school in terms of delaying it in Saudi Arabia. I attached a sample of one of the student’s paper that sent by my professor to do like that paper and she addressed on having a visual diagram

1. Identify a situation, concept, or phenomenon relevant to your interests in nursing. Describe the concept or theory of interest. You should have taken feedback from part I paper to clarify any issue with the description, so that the description is clear, thorough, and accurate

2. Describe the conceptual or theoretical problem that exists and support with appropriate literature, including the relevance of this problem for nursing. You may be able to simply keep what you wrote in Part I. However, if issues were raised, you should address them. Your argument for the existence of phenomenon and its relevance to nursing must be accurate and well supported with appropriate literature. In addition, it is important to place findings within your individual values and ontology.