For this assignment you will draw conclusions about your topic and PICOT research question(s) based on what you learned from the literature in Week 6. Discuss the practical or clinical significance of the findings and themes to the clinical issue and nursing practice. Answer the PICOT question(s) or provide a rationale for why you are unable to definitively answer the question(s). Submit the following as one paper: Title page Description of the research topic and background information Significance of the topic to nursing practice Clearly stated PICOT question(s) providing the focus of the project Rapid Critical Appraisal Charts (1 per research article) Summarization Discussion and Conclusion References updated if needed You should: Make sure you have incorporated any instructor feedback on previously submitted sections. Use current APA format to style your paper and to cite your sources. The Discussions and Conclusions section of your paper should be 2–3 pages.

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