Administrator of the Cardiology service MEMO

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Administrator of the Cardiology service MEMO
Administrator of the Cardiology service MEMO

You have recently accepted a position as the Administrator of the Cardiology service line. There is a physician in charge that is the chief of the department as well as a nursing director, but you are the administrator that ensures daily operations run smoothly.
You were asked to attend a meeting last week hosted by the IT Director, Rajan Vijay, to hear about upcoming changes to the information systems. The meeting was a little overwhelming as several major changes were discussed related to HIPAA privacy and security, and Meaningful Use.

You’ve been asked to formulate a plan for how you will communicate these changes to your department. You have limited experience with the members of your department so your plan will provide options for communicating no matter the person’s view of the change.

There were many changes discussed but you focus on the top 3.

To increase our security posture IT will be implementing a new standard that requires everyone to change their password every 90 days and the password must be at least 8 characters with; 1 capital and 1 special character.

To meet a Meaningful Use measure related to vital signs, a new interface will be created. Currently the nurses in cardiology capture the vital signs in their system, but then have to document them a second time in the hospital EMR. With the new interface, the vital signs they enter in their cardiology system will automatically pass to the EMR.

Another new system is being implemented that will provide the ability for the physicians to send prescriptions electronically. Currently they write them on a paper script pad and hand that to the patient. With the new system, the physician will need to enter the prescription into the system so that it gets electronically transmitted to the pharmacy.

The department chief, Dr Schwarz, asked you to send him a memo with your communications plan. Explain how you would communicate the above changes. Since you don’t know how each person will react, consider using Kotter’s 8 step change process to think about how people may react to the changes, and then formulate a plan.

Kotter’s 8 step change process is optional, just need to discuss how you would lead the change effort.

This is a memo to the department chief, Dr Schwarz

The grading rubric is as follows:

A: Meets all assignment requirements

B: Meets most assignments requirements

C: Meets some assignment requirements

D: Meets few assignment requirements

F: Meets no assignment requirements

What does an ‘A’ look like:

1. Included all assignment requirements

2. Information clearly represent an understanding of the material

3. Information is not just facts, but applied knowledge

4. Demonstrates use of concise thought and clear ideas

5. Information supports position consistently

6. No spelling/grammatical errors

Each one of the criteria above is worth anywhere from 1 – 4 points based on this scale:

4—Clearly a knowledgeable, practiced, skilled pattern

3—Evidence of a developing pattern

2—Superficial, random, limited consistencies

1—Unacceptable skill application