CNET 329 Websites Comparison: Itravel2000 And Expedia (Essay Sample)

CNET 329 2017 Fall Term Project- Team Requirements

Background: Your major (and only) assignment for this course is to research and critique the web site design, content, and ease of use of at least two on-line competitors within the same industry. You are free to use any industry but the following are firms you might consider as examples:

Retail Electronics: Best Buy, Audio Video 2001

Desktop/Laptop Computers: HP, Dell

Books/Music: Indigo/Chapters, Amazon

General Retail: Canadian Tire, Sears, Wal-Mart

Travel: Expedia,,

Communications Service Providers: Rogers. Bell. Telus

Automotive: Toyota, Ford, General Motors, Honda, BMW. Etc

Cellular Phones: Apple, Samsung, Blackberry

Team Size: Self organize into teams of 4-6. Teams of 2-3 are allowed but the size requirements are not changed.

Paper content: Examine at least two E-Business sites for, at a minimum:

Layout and visual appeal of the site

Ease of navigation

Quality and quantity of content

Usefulness of site search tool

Ease of checkout (you do not need to actually buy anything but you should go all the way to the last step in the process- often confirm purchase?-click no)

Make comments on relative quality of each of your firm’s performance on the elements you have researched. Make recommendation as to how they might improve.

References: Make direct reference to the slide sets, text and outside sources to support your observations and recommendations about the sites you have examined. As neither the text nor slide sets have extensive comment on best practices for design and content of web sites you need to research and include some references to other sources. While most of your comments should be in your own words, make some direct references to source material and “include direct quotes inside quotation marks“ and use footnotes or end notes to indicate your source.

Paper size: 8-10 pages (12 point font, space and a half) exclusive of screen prints.

You should include screen prints of firm’s web pages to support your findings

Timing: For the 2017 Fall session, due date is week 12, in class before 8 pm on Thursday Nov. 30.