Court Observation: An Encounter with the Judiciary (Essay Sample)

. Please elaborate the types of matters that you observed. (I already got 5 cases’ brief summary)

2. What are your most noteworthy impressions? – This is the main body of the report. You may comment on the judge, lawyers, court personnel, parties, proceedings, surroundings, fairness and equality of proceedings, etc. – anything that stuck out in your mind as a result of your observation. You need not make a factual recitation of what happened in the case(s) you observed. You may do so, if those events constitute your most notable impressions. But you are encouraged to be more aware of how you felt about what you observed. Be open to the entire court experience – from the time you tried to find a parking space until you left. Contemplate the experience of encountering the justice system – not merely the events that happened.

3. Was “Justice” being served? Why, or why not? Note: Many students forget to address this question and suffer a loss of points on this assignment.