Discuss The Factors Which Led To The Financial Crisis Of 2007/8 (Essay Sample)

The Financial Crisis of 2007/2008 led to a global recession from which the world is only just recovering
Within the UK, Northern Rock Plc was a flagship bank and a major casualty of the crisis, in order to prevent bankruptcy the bank was nationalised in February 2008.
The coursework will therefore consider the following questions
1.Discuss the factors which led to the financial crisis of 2007/8 (20%)
2.Explain how these factors impacted upon Northern Rock and the reasons for the nationalisation (20%)
3.Research the post nationalisation outcome and evaluate whether the net impact has been positive or negative. (20%)
4.Present and analyse the steps which have been take to prevent the repetition of a similar financial crisis (20%)
5.In conclusion, present an opinion as to whether or not the factor which triggered the 2007/2008 crisis have been addressed and whether you consider the rescue of Northern Rock to be a good or bad thing (20%)
Word count: 3000 +/- 20%
Word count does not include references, illustrations, charts etc.