Recognize, understand, explain and draw connections among key figures, events, and concepts in Church history.
Develop a greater appreciation for, sense of belonging to, and love of Catholicism and the Church by engaging and identifying with a variety of people, writings, art, and ideas from the history of Christianity.
Apply knowledge of Church history in order to understand and confront challenges to one’s Catholic faith arising both outside and inside the church.
Recognize the ways in which other systems of belief and practice differ from the Catholic faith. Recognize the ways important spiritual truths can also be found in non-Catholic Christian churches and ecclesial communities as well as in non-Christian religions.
Performance Assessment
Write a letter to Fr. Alfred McBride, the author of “Ten ‘Peak Moments’ in Church History”, acknowledging appreciation for his concise and informative presentation of Church history. In the letter you must show:
evidence you read the handout “Ten ‘Peak Moments’ in Church History”
understanding of at least three of the main ideas listed above
proper formal letter format ( evidence of proof reading
letter must be typed and printed out on due date
Fr. Alfred McBride, O. Pream. St. Norbert Abbey
1016 N. Broadway
DePere, WI 54115

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