Reasonableness and the Effectiveness of an Advertisement: DTFall head over heels (Essay Sample)

Also, use principles of “Asking the Right Questions” to identify underlying assumptions and values of the ad (Ch 6 and 7 of ARQ) to evaluate both the reasonableness and the effectiveness of the ad. The final paper will be submitted online in MLA format with a Works Cited page (250 points-see rubrics).
This is an evaluation essay with the following CRITERIA (these become the body paragraphs): 1) the signs (values represented) of these ads
2) the underlying assumptions of the ads’ messages (what do they assume about the target audience, or potential consumers?)
3) the reasonableness of the message (or lack thereof)
4) the overall effectiveness of the ad (this can be part of the conclusion)
The ad I picked is of the two women DTFall over heels.