Describe the theories of religion of two of the following thinkers, compare them with each other and discuss their contribution to the discipline of the history of religion: Émile Durkheim and Mircea Eliade.
Reference book:
Nine Theories of Religion,Daniel Pals.(I don’t have this book,please find the book by yourself)
the book content
Introduction —
1. Animism and magic / E.B. Tylor and J.G. Frazer —
2. Religion and personality / Sigmund Freud —
3. Society as sacred / Émile Durkheim —
4. Religion as alienation / Karl Marx —
5. A source of social action / Max Weber —
6. The verdict of religious experience / William James —
7. The reality of the sacred / Mircea Eliade —
8. Society’s “construct of the heart” / E.E. Evans-Pritchard —
9. Religion as cultural system / Clifford Geertz —
10. Conclusion.

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