Theories of Religion by Mircea Eliade and Emile Durkheim (Essay Sample)

Describe the theories of religion of two of the following thinkers, compare them with each other and discuss their contribution to the discipline of the history of religion: Émile Durkheim and Mircea Eliade.
Reference book:
Nine Theories of Religion,Daniel Pals.(I don’t have this book,please find the book by yourself)
the book content
Introduction —
1. Animism and magic / E.B. Tylor and J.G. Frazer —
2. Religion and personality / Sigmund Freud —
3. Society as sacred / Émile Durkheim —
4. Religion as alienation / Karl Marx —
5. A source of social action / Max Weber —
6. The verdict of religious experience / William James —
7. The reality of the sacred / Mircea Eliade —
8. Society’s “construct of the heart” / E.E. Evans-Pritchard —
9. Religion as cultural system / Clifford Geertz —
10. Conclusion.