The implications of the expansion, focused on:
EU expansion can be seen as a positive-sum process benefiting all countries:
creates larger markets for all members
creates more productive economies through increased specialization and economies of scale
remove barriers restricting the movement of goods, capital, and people between countries
The advantages of the EU expansion:
As more countries join the EU, come alone with more trading lanes
Easier to manage: such as the European trademark system
Helps the economy of its members expanded
Schengen visa contains more countries
increasing educated and skilled workforce
An integrated markets lead to an increased prosperity, by boosting economies of scale, specialization, and greater competitiveness in the international markets, bigger the EU gets more benefits for its members.
Since 1957
recent addition were Croatia in 2013.
13 members have joined the EU since 2004
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Romania (plus Croatia in 2013).
New members of EU have a high reliance on agriculture (28.5%) compare to the past which is 5.5% on average.

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