it is GIS lab. if u are familiar with it, it will be really easy. Every chapter’s first 5 question

it is GIS lab. if u are familiar with it, it will be really easy. Every chapter’s first 5 question
Use the data in the BlaCkHIlls folder and SturgI883 geodatabasc to answer the lollowmg questions.
1. The Madison Limestone is an important aquifer. Citizens are concerned about gas or A
chemical trucks overturning on roads and causmg contamination. What is the total length 0!
roads crossing the Madison, in kilometers?
2. The infiltration rate of the geological substrate is a strong factor in evaluating the spill
I hazards for roads. Create a map of all the roads based on the infiltration capacity of the
geology, using appropriate symbols to indicate hazard. Capture your map.
3. The use of a road is another factor in evaluating spill hazard. Create a field containing a
hazard rating for each road based on both infiltration and use. For use, give primary roads a
value of 3, secondary roads 2, and primitive roads 1. What is the range of values for the
index? Create a map of the roads based on the hazard index. Capture the map.
Rangeland can cause significant impacts on surface water quality. Using the Iulc and
a 5 ‘ ‘wsheds2b feature classes, create a table showing the area of rangeland in each watershed.
f , (Include both herbaceous and mixed rangeland categories.)
Areas that are Within 300 meters of both streams and primitive roads are the most popular
places for fishing. Create a map showing these areas. Capture your map.
4:932: .v
grfiishing areas in #5 should be restricted to areas Within the national forest (OWER
NFS’ in the vegetation feature class). Create a rev1sed map showmg the public access
areas in green and the private fishing areas in red. Capture your map.
a feature class that shows polygons based only on infiltration and only within the
riff; area. Symbolize this layer based on infiltration. Capture your map.
s ; Serv1ce is concerned about septic systems contaminating the Madison
e. Create a map showmg rivate land OWNER – PVT in the V9 etatlon la er on
r .y-on. Capture the map.
3 Z . investigate whether different 3011 units influence the net product1v1ty of the
EM” canopy cover. Find the mean crown cover percent of only the forested
“7 8011 unit. Which soil unit supports the highest crown cover? Which one
j» Interpret your findings. (Hint: Use the Dissolve tool. The forested
‘3“ code that begins with T, e. g., TAA, TPP.)
adopting a policy to not cut timber Within 200 meters of a
p . ‘ j Assuming that cutting timber includes all [SSTAGE96] LIKE
area- in square kilometers lost to harvesting if this policy were