Assignment 3 – A completed Specification and Review.

Assignment 3 – A completed Specification and Review.
Part A: 15 marks total
Following the template on the back cover of in the book (you did buy the book right?) you are to submit a completed software requirements specification for the software to control our toy cat.
You should include a low fidelity prototype (hand drawn sketches, or scans/photos of hand drawn sketches are fine) of user interfaces for 3 things:
1. A mobile application controlling our toy cat
2. A user updating their device through some software on windows
3. A technician updating many connected devices at a manufacturing facility
You should look for an off the shelf solutions for multiplatform development frameworks, and what they would cost assuming we sell ~100K units.
Note that the Template (appendix A) is over 70 pages long with 27 sections. And while you can copy paste a lot from A2 and so on, I’m reasonably expecting fairly long assignments here, though much of it is similar to assignment two. You should make sure to have something covering all 27 sections.
The main differences between A2 and A3 are the addition of testable fit criteria, the prioritization of requirements, and that there is much more in the way of solution stuff. What sorts of off the shelf solutions are there? How are we actually going to implement this kind of thing?
Part B:5 marks. You must get together with at least 1 other student in the class, with the purpose of reading and critiquing each other’s work. You are to submit a (paper) draft of another student’s assignment with corrections, edits and comments made by you in pen. These 5 marks are for helping the other student, and the quality of feedback you provide not for your own specification. There will be guidelines given in class on how to do these corrections.
• A draft of yourassignment should be given to another student by Tuesday the 28th for feedback
• Your feedback on the draft of another assignment is due on the last day of class (July 30th),
• The Final version of your completed assignment is due at the final exam.