Order Description
PowerPoint slides
The theoretical discussion and justification for PowerPoint slides “E-Lerning” ~ 2300 words
This should include:-
Description of your target learner
The learning objectives for the materials produced
An evaluation of your work which should include:
A discussion and justification of the pedagogical principles you have applied to the materials
A judgement of the effectiveness of your materials.
Justification of the chosen technology you have used for the delivery of the materials.
Critically appraise the suitability of these materials for their chosen educational setting.
(Use Blooms Taxonomy: http://www.learningandteaching.info/learning/bloomtax.htm)
This Learning Log allows you to develop the practise of reflection. This allows self-development and gives you a vehicle for you to critically evaluate your learning experiences in this unit and in the organisations in which you have worked.
There are two parts to this assignment.
1. Reflection of your experiences of learning = up to 500 words each person in the group.
You should link your reflections as a group to your learning experiences of the learning materials in this unit. You may include situations you have encountered in this unit and reflect on how they compare with your previous experiences of learning. This should be a theoretical discussions linking the reflections with the theories you have been introduced to.
2. Critical reflection of an organisation in which you have worked = up to 1000 words individual. You should write a personal critical reflection of an organisation you have worked in. This should be linked to discussions about the ‘learning organisation’.
Within both parts of this assignment you should be applying the theory to your personal and group experiences. SEE BELOW
Here are some suggestions to guide you.
The Learning Reflection – Group – please refer to your exam results, this section may not be necessary for you to complete.
1. You might like to link the log with your wider learning experiences at university, your motives for being at university and what you are looking to achieve.
2. You might describe an experience, or a situation, such as a given lecture, or some materials we covered in the unit. Don’t just stop there, you need to reflect on this experience.
a. You might link this experience to the learning materials; for example your learning style.
b. You should try to reflect on your experience of this honestly; how did you feel? How effective was your learning in this instance?
c. Give an analysis of the situation. What was good, or what could be improved and how?
d. Come to some conclusions about this experience.
e. What has this meant to you? Might you approach your learning differently in the future? How might your experience affect your approach to your own learning and the teaching of others.
3. Some of the materials in this unit have been delivered face-to-face, others on-line. You might like to reflect on those experiences and how you think this has fitted with the educational climate and current educational trends you are working within and what type of delivery mechanisms might or might not be appropriate in the future for yourself and other learners.
4. You might like to reach some overall conclusions about the extent to which you have or have not achieved the learning outcomes for this unit.
The Learning Organisation – Individual
1. Begin with a small description of an organisation in which you have worked, you do not need to name it. Instead of stating Tesco, you can say large retailer.
2. What were your experiences there? Did you learn anything? Were you on a staff development scheme?
3. Critically appraise and develop an argument as to whether or not this organisation is a ‘learning organisation’ against the theoretical knowledge you have been introduced and the unit and in your wider reading.