Iranian nuclear issue and trade with that country

Topic: Iranian nuclear issue and trade with that country
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Task 1 The Research Design Proposal (50%)
The research proposal must include a background which describes the basic situation underlying your project.
It must include a statement of the problem or opportunity that is the aim of your project. It must describe the rationale for your project, why you wish to carry out this research and the benefits that will accrue from its successful conclusion.
You must create research objectives that, when you successfully complete them, will have the information that enables you to solve the problem or capitalise on the opportunity that is the aim of your research.
You must evaluate and fully describe the research methods that will be necessary to successfully complete the research. Data collection methods must be selected and described which are consistent with the research philosophy necessary for its completion: these will include secondary and primary data sources. The methods by which the data you collect will be analyzed need to be justified.
Finally, ethical, validity and reliability issues relevant to the research must be discussed and a time plan for its completion must be calculated and displayed as a Gantt chart (or another suitable format).
Part 1: Introduction and Background (400 words) Ref: Assessment Form Task 1, Section1
Is the overall context for the research well established?
Is the research topic interesting from an academic and practical perspective?
Is there a statement of the problem?
Is there a rationale for the topic?
Is it clear what aspects of the chosen topic will be researched?
Do the boundaries of the research make sense?
Is there a clear statement of the aim of the research?
Are research objectives included and are they specific?
Are the research questions well-conceived?
Are the research objectives matched to the research questions?
Part 3: Research Methodology (1100 words) Ref: Assessment Form, Task 1, Section 2
Is there a logical and cohesive structure to the proposal?
Is the underlying philosophical approach adequately explained?
Are the proposed research methods appropriate to the research task?
Have the data types been defined and classified?
Have target populations and samples been defined and justified?
Part 4: Data Analysis (500 words) Ref: Assessment Form, Task 1, Section 3
Is the proposal for analysis linked back to the literature and the research questions?
Have analysis methods been specified?
Are ethical issues considered?
Are validity and reliability issues discussed?
Is there an adequate time plan for the research?
Have academic protocols for referencing been met?