Leadership In Action- Volunteering at house of worship

Topic: Leadership In Action- Volunteering at house of worship
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Students will perform a “Leadership in Action” project. A minimum of 300 minutes (5 hours) of Leadership Action must be performed by each member. This task(s) can be anything to show leadership such as volunteering at a nursing home, house of worship, animal shelter, food bank, or raising money for a cause, etc.
write about volunteering at a house of worship called ( St. Martin Catholic Church), any volunteer work that shoes leadership and applying the volunteer job/duties/ on these Theories: Servant Leadership, Communication, Encouragement/praise/positive re-enforcement
At least 8 academic sources in addition to the textbook must be used to earn more points than “Average.” You are encouraged to use peer reviewed journals, magazine articles, and other popular press material in addition to the textbook. NOTE: Websites of the organization, Wikipedia, dictionary.com are not considered scholarly sources.
Structure of the paper:
-Introduction: Explain about what you will be writing
-Team members’ activity description (individual by team member)
-Concept/theory connection: Relate your experiences and observations to different leadership concepts/theories . I would rather see a few theories (3-4) discussed in depth
(1) Servant Leadership
2) Communication (Effective Communication)
3) Encouragement/praise/positive re-enforcement theories
-Reference page: APA style
This is the Textbook we are using in class : the class is Leadership and Human Behavior
Lussier, R. N. & Achua, C. F. (2010). Leadership: Theory, application, & skill development (4th ed.). Mason, OH; Southwest.