Leading a Project Using Multi-Dimensional Thinking

Leading a Project Using Multi-Dimensional Thinking
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Unit 2: Setting the Focus for your Project
Select the organization or setting within the organization for which you will analyze a problem or issue. You should make this selection carefully and ensure that you have the ability to create a plan that contains all of the elements described in the course project assignment descriptions. If you are not currently in an organization, select one with which you are familiar and can access. If this is not possible, please discuss your project with your instructor.
In 2–3 pages, briefly establish the focus of your topic and what issues or themes you will be addressing.
Course Project
A forward thinking leader in today’s organizations will be most successful when she can effectively apply multi-dimensional thinking to the challenges and opportunities presented by the complex systems that make up today’s world. In this course, you will engage this topic through studies, discussions, and a course project that will allow you to synthesize the key learning points and knowledge from the course into a final deliverable that will be of immediate practical value to you as a scholar practitioner.
Specifically, you will select a challenge or recurring problem in your organization, or an organization with which you are familiar, and create a plan for how you will analyze the problem and the approach you will take to creating and implementing a solution for better performance or outcomes. The goal of the course project is not to propose a solution to the problem itself, but about the approaches you plan to undertake to solve the problems and analyze the data and situational elements to create a plan. These elements are broken down and form the central theme of several of the assignments you will submit. If you are not currently in an organization, select one with which you are familiar and that you can access. If this is not possible, please discuss your project with your instructor.
As you develop the plan, you will look at the people, setting, issues, organizational dynamics, systems, data, knowledge, and other elements through the lens of a leader planning to implement a new way of doing or being to better the organization. You will incorporate the facets of leadership problem solving that we are discussing in the course, statistical thinking, creative thinking, self-reflection, and systems thinking as elements of the project plan. In brief, you will demonstrate all of the competencies from this course.
Throughout the course, you will complete assignments that will help you think about and apply problem solving and analysis to your project plan. Your final deliverable will be a PowerPoint presentation for senior leadership in which you present a plan that illustrates how you will integrate diverse perspectives and systems, analyze information and data, stimulate creative thinking, integrate leadership self-reflection, and take a systems thinking approach to the problem-solving tasks that you propose in order to create improved organizational outcomes.
To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:
1. Integrate ways of knowing and expressing throughout an organization to sustain leadership effectiveness in addressing the future of an organization.
2. Evaluate the role of statistical thinking in leading through chaos.
3. Evaluate the role of creative thinking in building innovative capacity in complex systems.
4. Evaluate the role of reflective and critical thinking in the development of creative capability.
5. Evaluate the role of systems thinking in the creation of a sustainable practice of leading knowledge sharing across organization and sector boundaries.
6. Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the business professions.