Speaker Presentation Response Papers

Speaker Presentation Response Papers
Below is a recorded presentation; listen to it and do what the instructor asking for bellow :
here is the link to the recored type of the speaker:
bellow is what the instructor asking us for :
Based on the speaker presentation, the assigned readings and the class discussion of the case write a response to the key issues of interest to you that were surfaced on this topic. Here are some ideas to help focus your paper (you do not need to answer all of these questions):
-What seemed particularly insightful in the presentation?
-Which issues require more consideration?
-Where you do stand on a controversial issue?
-How does your view of a controversial issue relate to where the speaker,
author or a classmate stands on this issue?
DO NOT JUST SUMMARIZE THE PRESENTATION, your job is to respond to what has been said.
Once you have selected a topic or topics, you need to do two things:
Connect with what has been said personally – what experiences have you had that give you an interesting perspective on the issues discussed?
Play ideas in the presentation off ideas circulating in the media – what do published sources have to say about what was said. What do academics have to say about this topic? Include at least 3 published – academic or press – sources (and cite them) in this paper.