Amnesty International

Amnesty International.
Here is the organization direct website:
Assignment instructions:
As we have learned, there are many organizations and networks that are involved in issues that cross national boundaries. The purpose of this last essay is to review the readings on globalization and use those readings to analyze a specific organization working on global issues. Like the earlier paper, I am giving you a basic structure that you can follow for this assignment. There should be four general sections (see below for specifics): (1) a review and commentary on the readings on globalization, (2) a careful description and analysis of one organization, (3) how your organization exemplifies (or not) the themes we studied in this class, (4) a reflection on the obstacles and possibilities of informed global citizenship.
This project will be evaluated on:
• the clarity and organization of your writing
• the depth of your understanding of the book and other readings
• the clarity of your presentation of the organization you choose
• the clarity and depth of the relationships you make with themes presented in this course, and your ability to reflect on the meaning of this for your own life. Be sure to refer to the O’Connell article in your case study.
As you develop your case study essay, be sure to respond directly to the questions below. You may choose from the list of global issues organizations or, with my permission, substitute an organization of your own.
Perspectives on Global Citizenship:
Write a review and commentary on the globalization readings. Begin with a brief discussion of what globalization is, and then briefly summarize what aspects of globalization are most important to citizenship at this scale. (I suggest you review carefully the readings of Unit 5 and 6 before venturing into the later units).
Organizational Description and Approach and Issue Exploration:
In this section describe the mission, structure and/or key programs or activities your group engages in. Discuss one or at most two key issues that your group works on.
Based on the very short description of approaches to global civic action in the article, The Challenge of Global Citizenship, what approach or combination of approaches does the group you are studying use in addressing issues? Feel free to expand, combine, or modify the categories presented in the reading. What do you think are the relative strengths and limits of the approaches used by your group?
Relationship to class themes and issues::
Develop TWO or more connections between the work your group is doing and issues/themes covered in class, pay particular attention to the first portion of your essay.
Based on your encounter with your group, relevant ideas on the brief essay on global citizenship, readings and themes covered in the previous units of the class, and your own reflection, what do you see as the possibilities and obstacles for involvement in global issues as your own life unfolds?