Business Plan Project Instructions

Business Plan Project Instructions
Order Description
• This is a solo project not a group project
• 5,000 Words – 10 Pages Not Counting Appendix or Letter of Transmittal
• An Expansion from 5W’s 2 H’s
• For Profit or Not for Profit
• Must be supported with research
• Must have a financial model that identifies key cost and revenue drivers
• Must have a compelling value proposition that speaks to an identifiable audience
Business Plan or Business Case
The term project can be constructed around either a business plan or a business case. Business plans are written in support of starting a new venture or business. Business cases are written in support of an initiative within an existing venture or business. (New product, new approach, new location etc.) Students are expected to choose plans or cases of enough complexity to demonstrate their mastery of the course subject area. It is strongly recommended that you complete the first two modules on value proposition and customer segments on the udacity How to Build a Startup – The Lean Launchpad course.
For those who choose this options the Norman Newman Centre will host 3 one hour workshops to assist with the building of the business plan.
Evaluation Rubric
Area of Concern Guide Mark
General Look 10
Ease of Reading 10
Spelling 10
Grammar 10
Total 40
Clarity of Expression 10
Credibility of Founders 10
Soundness of Idea – Validated Product Market Fit 20
Reasonableness of Projections 10
Consideration of Market & Risks 10
Total 60
Grand Total 100
Term Project Final Package
The project final report will at a minimum include:
1. A title page including
a. Name of the Project
b. Names of those submitting and student numbers
c. A certification of Authorship
2. A cover page including
a. Company name, address, telephone and fax numbers, email and web page
b. Key company contacts and their titles
c. A 75 word max description of the business
3. A letter of transmittal
4. An introduction that sets the tone for what is to follow and leads the reader through the logic of what is to be presented.
5. A body that identifies: the product or service, the potential clients, the value proposition, the facilities needed, the basis for believing your claims, current skill sets and gaps, major risks and a contingency plan for what you will do if things do not go as planned.
6. Financials that cover a year’s worth of income statements and balance sheets for each month that the venture is operating. Major assumptions should be identified including: price of the product or service, number of clients, cost of the product or service per unit, infrastructure costs needed to support the effort and a plan for raising the required funds.
7. A conclusion that affirms for the reader the logic of what you have suggested.
8. Appendices that support the arguments contained in the report. If you include something in an appendix make sure you refer to it in your report.
9. The source for the facts that you include in your report. Footnotes are acceptable but citations in APA published format are preferred You will be in breech of the university policy on plagiarism if you do not cite your sources.
As part of the letter transmittal you are to craft a 750 word max report that includes:
1. An explanation of why you have organized the report the way you have, in particular any assumed peculiarities of the person who will read the report that have dictated what has been included and how it has been phrased.
2. What you expect to happen as a result of your report and why. An assessment of the probability of implementation by the client.
3. A brief listing of the challenges you faced in writing the report
4. Suggestions that would improve the process for next year’s class.