frames for change

frames for change
answer the following question:
I write about five pages regarding “organization change” and now I am about writing the frame of change that I would like to include in my project. I attached the word file(Organizational improvement change project).
Analyze of the four frame model of Bohlman & Deal to your organizational settings. Analyze your change case emphasizing how the frames impact the success or the failure of the change and the change agent leader.
Please concentrate on these chapter:
1. Structural frame.
2. Human resource frame
3. The political frame
4- Symbolic frame.
You can also look at pages 325-332 & 355, 391 & 399.
The book that you have to use for this article is “Reframing Organization” fifth Ed. by Bolman & deal (2013).
How to find the book:
1. Go the Web: (
2. Then click on the “Reframing Organization” and start to read the chapters I motions above.