LGBT issues

Topic: LGBT issues
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discussing the history of and backlash to the LGBT rights movement. Much like we learned with the women’s rights movements, there is heterogeneity within the movement on what is considered the proper platform, political action, etc., as well as hierarchical successes and failures in terms of who gets what. Individuals within the movement can diverge on some priorities based on the needs derived from their specific identities and groups within the movement. As such, this week I would like you to write a memo characterizing the goals, successes, and failures of the movement for a specific group within the LGBTQQIAAP2S nomenclature. Most of what is discussed with the movement tends to primarily concern gay and lesbian individuals. For this reason, the 3rd memo is meant to give you a perspective beyond the mainstream view of the movement. Choose one of the groups who are not gay or lesbian individuals and write a memo that critically examines the movement from their perspective. If you are unsure about the nomenclature here, please ask me or consult some relevant research. For example, what issues are faced by intersex individuals? How are those issues different from the ones faced by gay and/or lesbian individuals? Has the movement addressed those issues or failed to? What hurdles still lay ahead for the particular group you are writing about?
L – Lesbian
G – Gay
B – Bisexual
T – Transgender
Q – Queer
Q – Questioning
I – Intersex
A – Asexual
A – Allies
P – Pansexual
2S – Two-Spirited
The standard rules apply: Ideologically charged (or normative) arguments without evidence will not suffice and you need to incorporate at least one outside reading from a reputable source (newspaper articles, academic journals, etc.). Memos should be no less than 3 pages and no more than 5 pages, double spaced, 12-point font, 1” margins. Include a link or citation to your outside source(s).