Literary Analysis Essay

Literary Analysis Essay
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Use the following three books as sources:
The Round House (Louise Erdrich)
Farewell to Manzanar (Jean Watasuki Houston)
The Bluest Eye (Toni Morrison)
This class is called “Multicultural Literature in America”; therefore, we analyzed literature from many different ethnic groups of the United States. However, not all the authors we read agree upon what ethnicity is or how it should affect one’s life (or if it even does). Using examples from the works of three different authors, argue for your definition of “ethnicity.” You may wish to address one or all of the following questions in your essay:
How is ethnicity defined in the stories?
How does it affect characters’ lives?
How does it function/operate in the narratives/stories?
Is it different from group to group or do all ethnicities share the same definition?
In what ways is “ethnicity” distinct from “race” and “nationality” (or is it)?
Successful essays will
Introduce the topic/issue being addressed and the literary texts in the introduction.
Address an audience of readers that are familiar with the class discussions of the literary texts but unfamiliar with your interpretation of it.
Use a clear thesis statement that summarizes your interpretation and organizes the essay.
Show the writer’s critical thinking about a reading by supporting his or her ideas/paragraphs withGo beyond merely summarizing what has been discussed in class.
textual evidence, and
explication (explanation of the reasoning–how the writer’s thinking process evolved or arrived at the interpretation).
Use Standard Edited American English.