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Week 1.2.3 assignment: CIS 311
Please give two responses per question and mark them the question number and response (a) and response (b)! Make sue the responses are indepth Keep the subject listed above the answer.
“Formal Logic” Please respond to the following:
Question 1) Describe two challenges of using mathematical symbols in order to solve problems using formal logic and determine how you can overcome them
Question 2)When an if / then statement is true, it is NOT necessarily true that the converse is true. Give an example of an if / then statement that is true, but its converse is NOT true. Discuss the reasoning behind your example.
“Logic and Proofs” Please respond to the following:
Question 1)Choose one type of proof in Chapter 1 and describe how it is used to prove a theorem. Provide an example with your response.
Question2)Discuss the two most challenging aspects and the two least challenging aspects in regards to the process of writing and solving proofs. Provide a rationale with your response.
“Set Theory and Graphs” Please respond to the following:
Question 1) Describe a problem involving relationships that you could solve by applying graphs, and then determine the steps for solving this problem.