Report writing (managing people at work)

Report writing (managing people at work)
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the assessment is about writing a report from a journal(500 words). The instruction and the questions are given in a document.Which you can find in the uploading area.
This exercise is designed to start students thinking about the complexity of managing people at work and the range of issues relevant within the field of employment relations. When it comes to debates about employment relations matters, there is no black and white, no right or wrong. Employment relations stakeholders often have different and sometimes competing views, and expected alliances can often shift depending on the issue. Students are encouraged to approach any employment relations matter objectively, recognise that there will be a number of perspectives on the issue, and critically evaluate all viewpoints before arriving at a conclusion.
This assessment task requires you to read an article and provide a brief report that summarises the critical elements in your own words. The assignment should be 500 words in length.
Relevant article Bardoel, EA, Pettit, TM, De Cieri, H. and McMillan, L. (2014), ‘Employee resilience: an emerging challenge for HRM’, Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, Vol. 52, No. 3, pp.279-297.
Question In your own words answer the following:
a. Why does the concept of employee resilience matter?
b. What do the authors mean by environmental uncertainty and dynamism, and how do these terms relate to employee resilience?
c. What are the benefits of the HRM practices that enhance resilience?
Instructions • Read the article outlined above by Bardoel et al., (available on vUWS).
• In your own words, construct a brief report that clearly addresses all parts ofthe question outlined above.
• Your report should include an opening statement that addresses the purpose of the task and includes a precise reference to the article utilising the Harvard method.
• Please address each part separately using headings where appropriate.
• A separate conclusion is not required.
• No other research for this assignment is required.
Guidelines • Assignments should be in Arial, 11 font, 1.5 spacing with appropriate margins
• As the report is short, you do not need to provide an executive summary, table of contents or appendices, though these may be required in other Report style assessments at UWS
• All students must use Harvard referencing.
• The 500 word limit must be adhered to within the acceptable range of + or
– 10 per cent
• This is an individual assessment task – if a submitted report is assessed as not being the work of a single author then academic misconduct rules apply.